July 9, 2012


Lady Gaga Says Next Album Will Lack "Maturity" And "Responsibility"

Jamie McCarthy
Jamie McCarthy

Lady Gaga will spend the rest of the year globetrotting on her Born This Way tour, but she's still finding time to plan her next album. Gaga revealed to MTV that she already has the album's name picked out, and now she's teasing fans with more info about what to expect from the new material: "a lack of maturity or sense of responsibility," she said. Hey, growing up is hard to do.

Before performing "Princess Die" at a tour stop in Australia recently, Gaga opened up about the inspiration for her upcoming album. "When I wrote Born This Way, I demonstrated a sense of maturity. And I feel that on the next album, there's a lack of maturity... a tremendous lack of maturity or sense of responsibility." Ahhh, yes, because when I heard "Highway Unicorn," the first thing I thought was, "How sophisticated." (Save the hate tweets, I'm a Gaga stan since day one!)

Check out Lady Gaga discussing her next album in the video below, and let us know what you're expecting from Gaga's new music in the comments.