July 18, 2012


Listen: Is "Nothing On (But the Radio)" Lady Gaga's Next Single?

Michael N. Todaro
Michael N. Todaro

So, yes, Lady Gaga's demo "Nothing On (But the Radio)" hit the internet back in 2010. But now the internet's starting to think it could just be Gaga's next single. We ain't mad at that idea.

Here's what you need to know: When a fan met Lady Gaga recently during her cameo at Pitchfork Fest in Chicago, he recorded a video of Mother Monster outside of her car... which was blasting a reworked version of the song. Then, when a fan tweeted at Gaga's sound engineer, Dave Russell, asking if he could reveal the first letter(s) of Gaga's new single or album, Russell replied with a coy, "N O. ;)" Is that "N O" referring to "Nothing On"? Who knows, but that winky face has got to mean something!

Maybe Gaga just likes to listen to her own songs in the car? (Color me shocked.) Or Dave Russell just likes toying with vulnerable little monsters? 

Either way, let us know: How do you feel about Gaga possibly releasing "Nothing On (But the Radio)" as her next single? Share your thoughts in the comments.