July 25, 2012


Lady Gaga Sued for $10 Million Over Bratz Doll

Marc Piasecki
Marc Piasecki

Lady Gaga got hit with a nice little $10 million lawsuit on Tuesday, courtesy of a toy manufacturer claiming the singer, her management and her licensing companies purposely screwed up a deal to make a doll in Gaga's image. The corporation, MGA Entertainment, responsible for Bratz, is accusing Gaga and co. "of making an eleventh-hour request to remove a voice chip from the doll, jeopardizing its delivery to stores in time for Christmas," the New York Daily News reports. (Urgent question: My Size Barbie-style doll or regular-sized Barbie-style doll? America Girl-height doll? What are we working with here?)

It gets juicier from there, with MGA alleging Gaga invented quibbles—or “engaged in intentional and deliberate delays"—in order to have the doll to hit shelves in tandem with her new album and perfume line next year. Gaga's licensing company was already paid $1 million for the deal. "MGA agreed to the largest advance it’s ever made 'because Lady Gaga is not only an A-list celebrity, but one of the few elite recording artists working today,'" reported the News. MGA sent Gaga samples of the doll back in March, where she was reportedly "blown away" and the company "bent over backward to accommodate the 'few tweaks' she suggested."

Not sure how this pricey case will turn out, but here are some other reported, yet scarcely believable, bits about the doll itself:

  • "Through an intermediary, Gaga asked that the doll’s facial structure 'be more supermodel-like.'"
  • "Think a prettier version of Gaga," MGA says emails from Gaga's team instructed. "Thin out the cheeks and sharpen the jawline. Give her more of a cat-eye and sexier, poutier lips."
  • But she did "love the shape and build of the body."
  • There was going to be a "Born This Way" zombie outfit
  • "Gaga’s people even suggested making a doll with a removable head to reveal a bloody stump." Huh? Has she done that costume yet?

Between this lawsuit, Australian bar owners, Indonesian Muslim extremists, Madonna's ceaseless accusations of copy-cat-ism, and those people making a movie about her even though she doesn't want them to, Gaga is getting it from all angles. STAY STRONG, LADY G.