July 6, 2012


Lady Gaga Was Denied Entry to a Bar In Australia


Lady Gaga keeps getting turned away in the South Pacific. First it was the entire nation of Indonesia, and now a small bar in Australia. According to The Age, Gaga's entourage requested to throw an after-party for their July 4 tour date, but were turned down in favor of a local band that had already booked the space.

James Young, co-owner of the Cherry Bar, said, "We honor our existing bookings to local acts. [Our patrons] want Jackson Firebird, not Lady Gaga." The second part of this statement seems dubious, but hey, we support this guy for sticking to his word.

Young mentioned that he's had a great relationship with Gaga and co. in the past: "They've come in night after night, stayed very late and had a ball, so the band approached us about having a tour after-party here." But Gaga's band wanted to perform and Young needed to make sure they were off stage by 9:00 pm, when Jackson Firebird were scheduled to start. Gaga's team wouldn't agree to the terms, so they went somewhere else!

When Young saw a photo of Gaga partying at another club, he said he "was gobsmacked and thunderstruck with the thought 'have I done the most stupid thing in Australian music?'" But he admitted that he'd "rather be remembered as the person who wouldn't budge on an existing booking for a local band."

So did James Young do something righteous or foolish? Let us know in the comments!