July 25, 2012


Lamb of God's Randy Blythe Denied Bail in Czech Manslaughter Case

Chiaki Nozu
Chiaki Nozu

Lamb of God frontman Randy Blythe has been detained in a Czech prison since June 28, charged with manslaughter for a concert-related incident from 2010, and his ongoing nightmare isn't over: Wednesday, Blythe was denied bail, despite posting $400,000 last week. The sum was double the required amount and presented as an act of good faith, but apparently that wasn't faithful enough. The Gauntlet reports that the prosecution challenged the bail, and now Blythe is staying put. Here's the full scoop:

"What happens now is that on Friday (July 27, 2012), the prosecutor will submit to the judge a reason for the bail denial. At that point, the judge has five days to rule, and another five days for it to be written or published to the court. The judges' ruling at this point will be final and unless charges are formally filed, Randy will be free to leave the Czech Republic without condition on bail."

When Blythe broke his silence last week—three weeks after being detained—he told Czech newspaper Blesk: "I don't know anything about any sort of incident [that allegedly took place during the concert]. I remember very few details about the show, mainly because I have played a lot of concerts [before and after the gig in question]. Since I don't wear my glasses while performing, I see little more than blurry outlines. In any case, I did not attack anyone. The only way I could have come into contact with anyone from the audience was if I was protecting myself from [people bumping into me when climbing on the stage]."

This situation is a horrible mess.