July 11, 2012


Lily Allen Reports Racist Tweet to British Government

Dave M. Benett
Dave M. Benett

In case you think the celebrities you're tweeting at aren't reading your messages, think again. When a member of the British Army tweeted at Lily Allen recently, he managed to be completely racist while doing so. The "Smile" singer didn't take it lying down—she reported that jerk to the Ministry of Defense.

According to The Metro, Harry Wilson, a Twitter user who said he was a soldier on his Twitter profile, sent Allen a racist tweet commenting on rumors that she was adopting a child: "All the best with your new family just seen you bought s*** I mean adopted a child from Africa." Allen then tweeted at the Ministry of Defense asking, "Do you condone (these) racist comments? He needs disciplining." 

The tweets from both Wilson and Allen have been deleted, but an Army spokesman said, "Racism of any kind is completely unacceptable and the Army has a zero-tolerance approach to all forms of harassment and discrimination. We are aware of the alleged offensive comments and are investigating the matter. It would be inappropriate to comment further while this is ongoing."

 Allen has since tweeted a slew of comments from Wilson's supporters, most of them defending their friend and containing words we can't share here. 

Did Lily Allen do the right thing by singling Harry Wilson out? Let us know in the comments.