July 16, 2012


Listen: Green Day's No-Nonsense Rocker "Oh Love"

As promised in Billie Joe Armstrong's recent interview with Rolling Stone, the first taste of Green Day's September 25 release is straight-up "power pop"—this is a tune that would not have sounded out of place coming from power pop progenitors Big Star or the Raspberries. 

¡Uno!, which already has a teaser trailer, is the first in Green Day's upcoming album trilogy, slated to come out over a five-month period. But as you can tell from the riff-centric rock of "Oh Love," the punk trio isn't crafting another rock opera. This song is a crisp return to their early 1990s heyday (it's no coincidence that these albums come from Dookie co-producer Rob Cavallo). 

Oh, and in case you forgot to return that pair of 3D glasses from when you saw The Avengers, you can watch the lyric video posted above in real 3D. I wouldn't know because I'm all about 1D these days.