July 12, 2012


Listen: Unreleased Frank Ocean Track ft. Tyler, the Creator

Frank Ocean released his album Channel Orange online a week ahead of schedule, and it's apparently already stacking up impressive sales numbers on iTunes. However, the physical release, which features extra tracks and B-sides, has yet to hit shelves in most stores (especially Target). Some kind soul who has nabbed the CD thankfully uploaded one of the unreleased gems: "Golden Girl," featuring Tyler, the Creator. Listen above.

Instead of crooning about unrequited love with a man, like he did on "Bad Religion," here Frank Ocean croons about an island girl that he has to leave behind when he returns to America. "My flight leaves tonight, but I don't think I'm going backwards. I'm only going backwards. You're the one I've chosen, girl. You're a golden girl. 24K. The sun has been kind to ya." Tyler, the Creator drops a verse on the tail end of the track in a deep warped-voice, before getting faded out. It's good stuff. 

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