July 16, 2012


Listen: Mötley Crüe Deliver Loud, Fist-Pumping "Sex"

Steve Granitz
Steve Granitz

Just like Tommy Lee promised when we spoke with him last week, Mötley Crüe have released their new single "Sex" for free online today. Shocking it's taken the glam-metal mavens this long release a song called "Sex," isn't it? Well, that oversight has finally been rectified with this ass-kicking one-off single.

Performance-wise, Crüe is definitely on top—the band plows through the hard-pounding "Sex" in just under four minutes. Backed by a nice n' sleazy guitar riff, Vince Neil sings, "Don't need no love or no respect because it's all about the sex," which is a fitting sentiment coming from a guy who owns a Vegas strip club named after his own 1987 hit.

So come on over to Motley.com to get it for free, no strings attached. I already grabbed "Sex" from Crüe and can personally guarantee you don't have to worry about picking up any viruses. 

Also, Check out my interview with the legendary Tommy Lee, where he talks about how far fanatics can go when asking for photos—like stopping him as he was leaving the mortuary with his mother's ashes, for instance. We've also got a joint interview with KISS and Crüe where they rib each other about their shared history. And check back with Fuse later this week for our full Tommy Lee interview.