July 31, 2012


Mac Miller on Being “Too Nice to People” and the Meaning Behind "Pink Slime"

When we caught up with Mac Miller at Bamboozle, the rapper revealed that he was working on a collaborative "secret project" entitled Pink Slime, but rebuked speculation that it was with pink-loving rapper Cam'ron. Miller fans have now long known that the artist in question was Pharrell, but when we sat down with Miller backstage at his Under the Influence of Music tour, he revealed why it hasn't yet been released.

"We could probably just put what we have out and it'd be cool, but i don't want to put it out until we both get time off the road and to sit down and really write the last page of the story together," says the rapper. In the video above, Miller also discusses a potential clothing line and decodes the meaning behind "pink slime."

The rapper also got personal in the video below, explaining why his largesse can sometimes be a liability. "I'm too nice to people," says Miller. "You can't always look out for everyone. I try to look out for a lot of people at once. You can't do all that. It's just about cutting it down to my family, my people that are close to me. That's who you gotta look out for and I gotta look out for me sometimes too."

Check out the video below to hear Miller give an update on his long-awaited mixtape with Jazzy Jeff and when that Cam'ron project will be released.