CASTLE DONINGTON, UNITED KINGDOM - JUNE 10: Zakk Wylde of Black Label Society performs on stage during Download Festival at D
Gary Wolstenholme

Zakk Wylde—the metal axeman who played with Ozzy Osbourne for 22 years and currently fronts Black Label Society—and his wife recently welcomed their fourth child into the world. And they've given the newborn boy the coolest celebrity baby name yet: Sabbath Wylde.

Seriously, this blows kid names like "Apple" (daughter of Chris Martin) or "Memphis Eve" (birth name of Bono's daughter) out of the water. While other babies are drooling and crying, this kid is probably going to be mastering his power chords. 

Best part is, Sabbath has an older brother named Hendrix Wylde, so a few years from now, we'll find out what it sounds like when Sabbath and Hendrix play together. 

What do you think? Is this the greatest name for a kid ever? Or (controversy!) would Zeppelin Wylde have ruled even more as a baby name?