July 11, 2012


See Miley Cyrus' New Teddy Roosevelt-Inspired Tattoo (No, Really)

JB Lacroix
JB Lacroix

Miley Cyrus is, like, really deep, you guys. We already know the singer can't be tamed when it comes to her plethora of body art, but now the newly-engaged singer is looking to more profound sources for ink inspiration. 

Miley was spotted leaving her Pilates class recently (what else is new?) with a new tattoo on her inner arm. Close-up shots of the piece reveal that Miley might have been reading up on Theodore Roosevelt lately... or casually browsing brainyquote.com, perhaps. Taken from "Citizenship in a Republic," one of Roosevelt's most famous speeches, Miley got the following inked onto her arm: "So that his place shall never be with those cold and timid souls who knew neither victory nor defeat." No, for real. 

A little random? Sure. Surprising from Miley Cyrus? Definitely. But totally awful? No way. Could have been way worse. 

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See Miley Cyrus' Teddy Roosevelt-inspired tattoo.