July 20, 2012


Neon Trees Teach Us Proper Sexting Technique

With songs like "Mad Love" and "Lessons in Love," Utah dance-rock trio Neon Trees know a bit about the joy and madness wrapped up in the L-word. So who better to give us love lessons when it comes to sexting, getting over a break up and booty calls? You'll have to watch the video above for the full scoop, but the band does provide some helpful tips:

1. To get over a break-up, "Delete all your social media and all your connections and then you go shopping.”

2. "If it’s after midnight, it’s really only for one thing."

3. The smooth way to ask for a booty call? “You wanna come watch a movie? That’s the nice boy way of asking.”

4. "Never send a booty text to the wrong person. Always have a designated booty text proofreader by your side."

5. "The best way to deal with a crush is a mixtape. Say it through a song."

The boys also detail a foolproof way to find out if the person you’re dating is The One.

In the video below, Neon Trees discuss breaking a Guinness World Record with Flaming Lips for most shows performed in a 24-hour period, working with Kaskade on “Lessons in Love” and the honor of getting a song covered by Taylor Swift. Check it out.