July 23, 2012


No Doubt Return to Stage at Teen Choice Awards

The last time most of us were talking about No Doubt was a decade ago, when the group's fifth album Rock Steady was playing on a new device called an iPod and your only way to hype up the band was word-of-mouth and chat rooms. 

After releasing their first song in 11 years last week, though, No Doubt returned to pop consciousness last night at the Teen Choice Awards, performing their new single "Settle Down" to a predictably receptive audience. As the video above (and photo gallery) show, Gwen Stefani seems to be aging backwards, as the group highlighted a show that saw (relative) newcomers Justin Bieber and Taylor Swift dominate the awards portion.

The bouncy reggae-pop of "Settle Down" prove that some things don't have to radically change to be impactful. It's possible most of the audience don't even remember when the group's ska-pop first dominated music in the late-1990s. But no matter. The Internet exists, kids have older brothers and sisters, etc.

Introduced by Hayden Panettiere and will.i.am and going with an all-black-and-white color scheme (notwithstanding the Jamaican flag colors on the drums), the band sounded triumphant, with Gwen Stefani fist-pumping through the track and (almost) fist-bumping with the crowd. Yeah, it's that kind of track.

But enough blathering. Check out the performance above.