July 27, 2012


OK Go Respond to Billy Corgan's Music Video Diss

Back in June, we spoke to Smashing Pumpkins frontman Billy Corgan, who pined for the good old days of the music industry, particularly in the music video department. "I love videos, but they're just not effective right now… [not as much as] they were, say, 20 years ago," Corgan said. "Why are the most celebrated videos of the last five years basically just gimmicks as opposed to substantive things that are worth repeating? They're more like cultural curiosities like, 'Oh, look! They're running on the treadmill.'"

In a new interview with Fuse, the maligned treadmill dancers and famously viral—and notably independent—video creators OK Go took their chance to rebuff Corgan's comment in the video above. "I'm curious as to what Billy Corgan thinks a substantive video from the pre-Internet era is," frontman Damian Kulash says. "I'm wondering how many of Billy Corgan's videos Billy Corgan made."

Zing! (But fair zing. Very fair.) In our full conversation below, Kulash and bassist/vocalist Tim Nordwind discuss recording their next album, which "definitely seems dancier" with "fewer guitars," and, of course, more about their famous videos, which they take as seriously as their music. "15, 20 years ago, a music video was something that was made by a label to sell CDs by their band," Kulash says. "We make our own videos. They're not ads for the songs; they're just another part of our creative output." And don't worry—they've got a long list of future video concepts.