July 11, 2012


Top 5 Tweets: Rapper Slim Thug Did Something Insanely Dangerous Today

5. Cloud Nothings can barely conceal their disdain about playing the Rock and Roll Hall of Fame tonight:

playing at the rock and roll hall of fame at 8PM tonight. come see us and check out steven tyler's scarves or whatever's there these days
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4. Mac Miller has a swaggy grandma:

3. Andy Milonakis has had enough of you people who've never even played trees in school plays:

I'm sick of being told I'm not relevant from a dude with 12 followers who has never even played a tree in a grade school play
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@CurrenSy_Spitta: Bitches got agendas ...” Make sure you check their daily planner!
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1. I can't believe Slim Thug is driving 100 miles an hour, taking a photo of the speedometer and then tweeting and annotating the picture:

Doing a 100 cause I'm late to my dentist appt AT DA SAME DAMN TIME http://t.co/qYdq7QFF
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Here's the picture:

Instagram - thugbossbitch
Instagram - thugbossbitch