July 13, 2012


Read 21-Year-Old Morrissey's First-Ever Pen Pal Letter

Ebet Roberts
Ebet Roberts

The indispensable website Letters of Note has unearthed the first-ever pen pal letter written by the Smiths' Morrissey; a brief letter written in 1980 to Scottish friend Robert Mackie when Moz was but a wee 21-year-old bummed-out (but still charming) man. Using his full name Steven Morrissey, the singer was still four years away from the band's breakthrough eponymous LP, and at the time was a writer who had already penned a book on his hero James Dean. Transcription below, but head over to the site for a scanned copy of the letter, written on the back of a James Dean photo. Sweet. 

Steven Morrissey
384- Kings Rd
Manchester- M32 8GW

Dear Person,

So nice to know there's another soul out there, even if it is in Glasgow.

Does being Scottish bother you? Manchester is a lovely little place, if you happen to be a bedridden deaf mute.

I'm unhappy, hope you're unhappy too.

In poverty,