July 20, 2012


Rick Ross Snags Dr. Dre and Jay-Z for "3 Kings"

Three of the biggest rappers today. One who barely leaves his Beats-adorned mansion. A track from one of the most anticipated hip-hop albums of the year. Rap heads are going to feast on "3 Kings," the new Jake One-produced Rick Ross track from his upcoming album God Forgives, I Don't featuring Rozay, Jay-Z and Dr. Dre. As Twitter inevitably explodes with who dominated, who was wack and what the best lines were, listen to the track above and decide for yourself.

Ross called into a radio show (via Complex) to explain the track's origins. "Just witnessing that, being in the studio with both of them dudes, man, it was a hell of a experience. It was something that I could never even really see happening. So, on a personal level, that was big for me."

Is "3 Kings" the "biggest collaboration in hip hop," as Ross recently told MTV? Let us know.

David O. Russell, director of the 1999 war satire 3 Kings, was unavailable for comment, but is presumably googling the title now to enjoy the last few hours of top search engine results. Bummer, man.