July 11, 2012


Riff Raff's $45,000 Mad Decent Chain Has Arrived

Photo Credit: JodyHighRoller/Twitter
Photo Credit: JodyHighRoller/Twitter

In early May, we brought you the news that superstar DJ Diplo was signing Houston rapper Riff Raff to his Mad Decent record label—and celebrating by giving the new signee a $45,000 chain. Well, the chain has arrived—and it's spectacular!

Riff Raff described the chain to me: "Designed by RiFF RaFF... Purchased by the New Power House Company Mad Decent. $45,000 3-D Reversible Civil War Dime Denver Mint Diamonds... 14k white gold front smothered in Pink cashmere diamonds Red Rubies and Purple Flourescent Accent sapphires .. Mad decent side 14k yellow gold with Goldie Hawn margarine diamonds surrounded by polka dot jelly bean emeralds and Aqua Marine teal diamonds." Did you get all that?

Riff Raff posted pictures of the chain on Twitter last night to give the world its first glimpse. He's also been on Twitter promoting his new album The Golden Alien, which dropped unexpectedly on July 6 on iTunes. So download the album, blow-up the picture of the chain to poster-size and put the poster on the wall in your room. Then listen to the album while looking at it. Just a thought.

Have you ever seen a chain this awesome? Let us know in the comments!