July 13, 2012


Roadtrip Mixtape Makes Playlist to Match Your Route

Nina Raingold
Nina Raingold

Have you ever driven through Chicago and felt weird that Boston was playing on your iPod (or vice-versa)? Well that unpleasant incongruence is a thing of the past thanks to a new webapp called Roadtrip Mixtape. You put your start point and destination into the app and it creates a playlist of artists that come from whichever city you're passing through. 

So if you're driving from Chicago to Minneapolis, you might start with Kanye West and Wilco, move on to Madison, WI bands like Garbage and Killdozer and finish your trip rocking out to the Replacements and Prince. And a mobile version is on the way—so definitely keep an eye out for that. Check out Roadtrip Mixtape over here.