July 30, 2012


Singer-Songwriter Starshell Accidentally Collaborated With Kanye West

Twenty-four-year-old Massachusetts native Starshell basically had the coolest thing ever happen to her: she accidentally helped write one of Kanye West's biggest hits. Despite being a self-proclaimed "freshman" in the game, after bumping into Kanye in a recording studio hallway (for real), she sat in on a songwriting session. The outcome of that session just happened to be "Love Lockdown," West's 808s & Heartbreak single that sold more than 3 million copies. Not too shabby.

Starshell is grateful for her time working with Kanye, as getting that experience early on in her career showed her how the music biz really works: "In this industry, it's about networking and relationships." Starshell's picking up even more tips as she's signed to Mary J. Blige's record label, Matriarch. Mary's advice? "Always be yourself. Always do what you're comfortable with and when you do what you're comfortable with, it's going to transcend to everyone else." Judging by Starshell's upcoming tour with Blige, she's taking her own advice.

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