July 27, 2012


How Does "Step Up Revolution" Popularize a New Form of Dance?

Have you ever heard of bungee dancing? I haven't either! Which is part of what makes the above video, in which people involved in the new movie Step Up Revolution describe the insane dance scenes in the movie, pretty sweet.

"We had parkour, runners that were flipping off the wall. We had trampoline artists who were also dancing with these sticks that were sparking," said choreographer Jamal Sims. "We also had dancing on bungee cords," he said, before star Kathryn McCormick picked up: "Dancing on a bungee cord! No one's done that before... It was just this huge production."

So watch the video above to hear more about the crazy dance scenes and check out the video below to hear what kind of music these amazing dancers put on when they want to dance recreationally. Let us know if you want to see Step Up Revolution in the comments!