July 10, 2012


The Hives Explain the "Testicles of Scandinavia"

Garage rockers the Hives, who've been releasing fantastic albums (and notable singles) since 1997, sat down with Fuse to dish up some "facts" about their beloved homeland of Sweden. Did you know that Sweden has no police force, but instead have Dolph Lundgren protect their nation? And did you know that there's a government official in charge of adding umlauts to words? Watch the video above for more great, ahem, facts about the nation known as the "testicles of Scandinavia."

And in the video below, watch the Hives talk about picking which songs to play live. It appears that sometimes, if they just want to play a certain song, they'll pretend an audience member requested it! Pelle says, "We like to use the fact that the audience members can't hear each other against them." These guys are a hoot. Let us know what you think of them in the comments!