July 23, 2012


Top 5 Tweets: Bun B Lends Perspective to Penn State Turmoil & More

5. Rihanna updates the English language to fit the #3words hashtag:

4. Superstar producer Benny Blanco has a recipe for success:

Whenever writing a song and u at a loss for words just chuck in a line about throwin ur hands in the air or sky
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3. T-Pain doesn't need attention from you losers, he already has so much:

I think it's funny when ppl tell me that I'm "thirsty" for attention😝 news flash asshole! I'M FAMOUS. I get all the attention I'll ever need
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2. Proprietor of FBI-shuttered rap video website OnSmash takes sour grapes to the next level:

u be mad happy when a chick texts u to cancel some plans u never wanted to do...jumpin up wit ya fist in the air like mario thru the bricks
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1. Bun B puts the turmoil surrounding Penn State into perspective:

Rough life for the victims. RT @AshBree: Rough day for Penn State 😳
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