July 2, 2012


Trick Daddy Takes Shots at Big Sean on Twitter

Trick Daddy, the Florida rapper whose album titles include www.thug.com, Book of Thugs: Chapter AK Verse 47, Thugs Are Us, Thug Holiday, Thug Matrimony: Married to the Streets, Back by Thug Demand, Finally Famous: Born a Thug, Still a Thug and Thug & Goon, doesn't think Big Sean is much of a thug! We know this because Trick Daddy has started taking shots at Big Sean on Twitter.

In the tweets above, Trick suggests Big Sean should have called his album Finally F****d with the Wrong N***a instead of Finally Famous, which I don't think would have helped sales. I'm surprised Trick didn't suggest Finally F****d with the Wrong Thug. He also lets the world know he's putting out a "BOLO" on Big Sean, which I think is like YOLO but stands for BigSean Only Lives Once. 

Just kidding! It stands for Be On the Lookout. Let us know in the comments who you like better: Big Sean or Trick Daddy. And don't forget: Trick Daddy is a thug. For one more reminder, watch the video for "I'm a Thug" below.

Trick Daddy, "I'm a Thug"