July 2, 2012


U2 Bassist's Ex-Assistant Found Guilty of Embezzlement

Dave M. Benett
Dave M. Benett

UPDATE: Carol Hawkins, the former assistant for U2 bassist Adam Clayton, was sentenced to seven years in prison on July 6 after an Irish jury found her guilty of embezzlement.

Look at Bono's disapproving face and crossed arms above. Someone f**ked up big-time.

Meet Carol Hawkins. Carol was an ambitious go-getter who scored a job in 1990 as personal assistant for U2 bassist Adam Clayton. Carol had myriad duties, including housekeeping, scheduling and, according to an Irish court, embezzling $3.5 million from her former boss.

According to the Press Association, Clayton was present in a Dublin courtroom when Hawkins was convicted of 181 counts of theft ranging from 2004 to 2008. Hawkins earned Clayton's trust to the point where she was signatory on two of his bank accounts; accounts used to write 181 checks into multiple personal accounts. Her ruse was discovered in 2008, when she "confessed to booking herself between [$16,300] to [$18,000] worth of flights on his account to visit her children in the United States and London."

Earlier this month, Clayton testified against Hawkins, stating, via Rolling Stone, "we had been together a long time – working together. She had been very conscientious . . . I felt she looked after my money and on many occasions accused others of being greedy, so I was extremely surprised."

Hawkins was released on bail and will be sentenced on July 6.