July 24, 2012


Watch the Video for RiFF RaFF's "In Your Girl Car"

RiFF RaFF just dropped one of the shortest/sweetest rap videos of all time for "In Your Girl Car," a 1:56 gem that RiFF doesn't even start rapping on until a minute in. And then he only raps for 48 seconds! But it doesn't matter because the rap is perfect. He described the song to us this way: "It's a Midnight Sapphire of Fluorescent Flourishings," and transcribed the opening lyrics for us:

"How are u going to hypotize fame ..
5 star face with the wonder woman chain ..
Chain super stupid..
Jump shot like cupid ..
I can candy Buick with the power steering fluid ..
my Mind is Rubics Cubic, cool call for the conscious ..
Her ass must be from Seattle cuz its Super Sonic .."

And now you've gotta watch the video to hear the rest! Let us know what you think in the comments, and check out RiFF's last video below (goofing off with Dirt Nasty) when you're done.