July 12, 2012


Watch James Murphy Discuss LCD Soundsystem, "Seinfeld" on "Jimmy Fallon"

James Murphy may have retired LCD Soundsystem from playing any future live shows, but that doesn't mean there's no hawking to do. To psych people up for the July 18 theatrical release of Shut Up and Play the Hits, the documentary on LCD's farewell show at Madison Square Garden, Murphy appeared on "Jimmy Fallon" to discuss the band, Beastie Boys' MCA and his lost "other" career as a writer for "Seinfeld." (No. Really.)

"It was unsustainable," Murphy said of the band. "We had planned on the band being a short-term, like, ‘Oh, hey, I made a record.’ And somebody said, ‘Hey, will you come play with your band?’ and I said, ‘I don’t have a band.’ Years later, we were like, ‘This was kind of a long weekend.’ It made it impossible to have a life or do other stuff.” Like design custom luggage. Check out the clip above.