July 27, 2012


World Premiere: Watch 10 Years' "Backlash" Video!

Even the most patient metal fans are hungering for a 10 Years morsel to keep them sated until Minus the Machine hits on Aug. 7. Today, Fuse is serving up exactly that, thanks to this exclusive world premiere of the "Backlash" music video (plus a photo gallery for you hardcore fans). The song is a linchpin of the Knoxville group's sixth studio album, and the clip is a dark affair as mesmerizing as the single's winding rhythms. Of course an anthemic chorus never hurts, and neither does a horde of featureless black specters mobbing a band trying to shred through a song.  Bonus points for the peaceful moments featuring golden hues and a hummingbird. Watch the video above and check out an interview with the band below.