July 18, 2012


Yellowcard Recall Tribute Set Following Warped Tour Fan Death

When Fuse's Allison Hagendorf spoke with Yellowcard frontman Ryan Key at Warped Tour 2012, the band discussed a tragic, yet touching, moment in their history: Eight years ago, the group turned their pop-punk set acoustic after a fan was crushed to death by a fence.

"We were in Calgary, [Canada] in 2004 and we were playing the main stage. So we're playing and all of a sudden this huge wind storm came through, insane, probably 80-miles-an-hour gusts of wind going through the venue. And I guess this huge chain-link fence fell down on a fan and he was pronounced dead there. I think they resuscitated him but the fence killed the fan.  

"So everything stops, the paramedics come over and all the kids are screaming. [Warped Tour creator] Kevin Lyman came over and said, 'Hey, would you guys turn off the distortion, kill the drums and keep playing music for us right now?' So we sat down at the end of the stage and kept playing our songs almost-acoustic—except we didn't have acoustic guitars—and we played for almost an hour. We added a bunch of songs and all the fans were singing together, and we were obviously wishing well for the fan who was injured. It was moving and horrible at the same time." 

Watch the interview above for the full story, and check out our take on Yellowcard's set at the Warped Tour 2012 kickoff.