July 19, 2012


Watch Young The Giant Discuss Gold Unitards, Being Featured On "Glee" & More

We think you'll be happy to know that the members of Young The Giant have all, at one point in time, partied in gold unitards together. They also played an hour-and-a-half set to a nearly empty bar between an elk lodge and a church, and showed up to the U.K. without work permits. All of these crazy shenanigans went down while the "My Body" band was on tour. Check out more hilarious details in their "Tour Stories" video above.

YTG also open up about writing their new record—they're trying to get a solid set of 30 songs together—collaborating with their fans, being featured on "Glee" and secrets about their latest video "Apartment." Watch the interview below, and share your thoughts in the comments.