August 10, 2012


10 Funny Musicians You're Probably Not Following on Twitter

Bryan Steffy/Barney Britton
Bryan Steffy/Barney Britton

Forbes recently released its list of Top 10 "Social Networking Superstars" and Rihanna scored the No. 1 spot (despite her endless retweets of any and everything related to being a Pisces). Lady Gaga, Justin Bieber, Katy Perry and Taylor Swift also top the list, because their Instagram photos of food are obviously much more interesting than yours.

But you're probably already following those people on Twitter (hence their slots in the Top 10), so we made a list of musicians you're probably not following yet. Why should you follow them? Because they're funny! No, for real: 40 percent of these people have referred to Louis C.K. in a tweet at some point.

Check out our list of 10 funny musicians you're probably not following yet on Twitter—all of these people have less than a million followers—and let us know your favorite musicians to follow in the comments.

10. Amanda Palmer

Given that the singer-songwriter's nickname is "Amanda F***ing Palmer," she better be f***ing funny. 

12 hours into video shoot. have no idea what it's going to look like. someone threw up in the hallway. I'm taking this as a positive sign
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9. Wayne Coyne

Following the lead singer of the Flaming Lips on Twitter is like trying to piece together a puzzle but having no clue what the final picture looks like.

8. Billy Corgan

In between the Smashing Pumpkin's tweets about wrestling and the Chicago Cubs, a few funny ones stand out.

man cheats on wife, marries his mistress, runs for president and gets an ovation for being insane...only in amerisicka...
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7. Erykah Badu

The always outspoken Badu tweets about everything from Dwyane Wade to vegetarian food in Istanbul. And she's pretty funny about it.

What if the hokey pokey IS what it's all about?
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6. Aimee Mann

Gotta love the fact that the successful and accomplished singer-songwriter put "Oscar loser" in her bio. 

Andrew Garfield and Emma Stone are killing me with their perfectness. I am begging them to do something tawdy or dumb. SOMETHING.
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5. St. Vincent

It's bad enough the indie rock darling is already at the top of every boyfriend's "Free Pass" list, but Annie Clark is also really good at the internet. Unfair.

Elderly woman going through airport security with at least 10 minibar bottles of booze in her purse. Hope I'm that organized when I'm old!
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4. Diplo

The DJ and producer shares his hilarious commentary on any and everything that's on his mind...practically every hour on the hour.

Goin to bring these lion cubs to nelson mandelas house and play die antwoord out of a boombox
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3. Neko Case

The New Pornographer and solo artist shells out funny life advice as well a healthy dose of random life observations.

According to my research dudes who do really embarrassing air guitar make great dads.
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2. Ted Leo

Ted Leo of Ted Leo and the Pharmacists: Fighting the good fight against excessive Olympic beach volleyball coverage since 2012.

I don't have TV every day, but thankfully, NBC understands that when I do, I want to catch up on EVERY SECOND of Olympic beach volleyball.
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1. El-P

The Brooklyn rapper is killing the hip hop game and winning Twitter at the same time.

is it jacket weather? cant be bothered to figure it out myself so i thought i would ask 30 thousand strangers, many of whom dont live here.
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