August 30, 2012


2 Chainz Brings Out Kanye West, Synchronized Strippers for "Birthday Song" Video

I think 2 Chainz realizes how ridiculous 2 Chainz is. After all, this is a man who once professionally went by the name Tity Boi.

So the absurd collection of imagery in his "Birthday Cake" video above shouldn't come as a shock. Still, it's hard not to be floored by any clip that includes two separate chest-shaped cakes, a row of bored men receiving synchronized lap dances AND a clown getting the living crap kicked out of him. That's entertainment, folks.

But honestly, you gotta give major props to 2 Chainz for getting Kanye West to party in a house that isn't the size of a football field. The whole clip takes place in a totally normal home (minus the strippers) on a regular ole block (minus the clown getting his ass kicked), and it's refreshing to see Kanye in a setting that doesn't look about 10 pay grades above most of the country.

"[Kanye] thinks of the person in the middle of Summer Jam [when making music] and I think of the little dreadhead dudes at my show that's been drinking too much and sweating everywhere," 2 Chainz recently told Fuse about his "Birthday Song" collabo. If this video doesn't get across the idea of "drinking too much," I don't know what does. Watch the video above and check out 2 Chainz talking about 'Ye's initial skeptical reaction to "Birthday Song" below.