August 30, 2012


3OH!3 Explain the Dangers of Partying With Lil Jon & Andrew W.K.

When Colorado electropop duo 3OH!3 stopped by, we asked them to tell us what they can recall from the weirdest parties they've been to. It turns out they once attended a rager than included TWO of the music world's most famous party pros.

"One of the most out of control parties we've been to on tour is when we partied with Lil Jon and Andrew W.K. Together they're actually classified as a weapon… You cannot have those two men in the same room," Sean Foreman says. "They're a threat to national security," Nathaniel Motte adds.

The Katy Perry & Ke$ha collaborators also gave us the details on the best/worst prank they ever pulled on another band, one that left the entire venue covered in baby powder. "We are jerks," Foreman willingly admits.

Foreman and Motte also talk about "the most cheap-ass" things they ever did, from using setlists as toilet paper to eating what amounts to dog food. For other can't-miss money-saving tips from 3OH!3, watch the video above. And to find out which one of duo lost their virginity to Snoop Dogg's "Drop It Like It's Hot," check this video out.