Florence Welch is a free spirit, to say the least. Whether she's twirling onstage like a pixie queen at Radio City Hall, covering Talking Heads in a bear suit or just being constantly naked, it's fair to say Flo follows her own bliss.

Which is why her entire existence is perfect fodder for Internet GIF-making. And while there's a plethora of 1-3 second clips of Florence + the Machine's lead singer, these five are our favorites. Enjoy.

Invisible Breast-Groping Florence

Photo Credit: georgia21.tumblr.com

Disco Booty-Shaking Flo

Photo Credit: harlighquinn.livejournal.com

Channeling Pan's Labyrinth


"Oh Go On!" Florence

Photo Credit: secretcceremonials.tumblr.com

"I Want Out of This Conversation" Florence

Photo Credit: florencewelchgifs