August 6, 2012


7 Things We Definitely Know About Lady Gaga's New Album, "ARTPOP"


So Lady Gaga finally confirmed the title of her new album after three long days of anticipation and speculation. It is, in fact, ARTPOP, the same word she got tattooed on her arm last week

While details about the album are rather sparse, we've scoured the Internet—everything from Gagapedia to the beacon of truth and light that is Tumblr—to bring little monsters of the world as many details about ARTPOP as we can. I'm hoping Gaga reads this in-depth exposé and asks me to join her on the road to document the making of the album. (Only 0% kidding.)

So here it is—seven things we definitely know about Lady Gaga's new album, ARTPOP:

1.) It's ARTPOP, all caps: Per Lady Gaga's suggestion, nary a lowercase letter shall be written! She tweeted recently, "Make sure when writing about my new album/project ARTPOP that you CAPITALIZE the title." She might be doing this because she's Lady Gaga or because she wants to differentiate herself from British rock band Githead and their 2007 release, Art Pop.

2.) ARTPOP can mean anything: According to a recent fan chat she conducted on her social networking site, ARTPOP doesn't have an exact definition. One fan tweeted a suggested acronym, "Artistic Revolution Through the Potential of Pop," and Gaga retweeted it, so MAYBE IT'S IMPORTANT!

3.) ARTPOP's release date: Gaga promises ARTPOP "before spring" 2013, with the first single set to drop late this year.

4.) ARTPOP's collaborators: Whitesnake guitarist Douglas Aldrich may or may not have laid down some licks for an upcoming track, and fashion designer Jean-Charles de Castelbajac, who's designed outfits for Gaga in the past, tweeted last month that he's working on something for an upcoming Gaga "clip." He's French and cool so we're guessing that means "music video."

5.) The Andy Warhol references: They're on purpose. Genius alert: ARTPOP is a combination of the words "Pop Art" in reverse. Warhol was a key player in Pop Art, the British and American art movement of the '50s and '60s. Gaga has been vocal about her fascination with Warhol for quite some time—some reports even claim that Warhol speaks to her from beyond the grave. Expert Gaga fans are claiming ARTPOP will see the return of The Fame-era Candy Warhol, one of Gaga's many mysterious alter egos.

6.) ARTPOP's songs: As far as the track listing is concerned, there's no concrete evidence of any confirmed songs. We only know about 1.) "Princess Die," a piano ballad she debuted at the Melbourne stop of her Born This Way tour this summer, 2.) "Nothing On (But The Radio)," which is from 2010 but clues from Gaga's sound engineer have led us to believe otherwise, and 3.) this unnamed song she played for fans from her car during an autograph signing recently. In other words, no real clue what this album will sound like.

7.) ARTPOP's music videos: On the music video front, fans can expect a "film" for every track, one of which Gaga is giving a lucky fan the chance to direct.

That's everything we've got! But we want to know: How do you guys feel about Lady Gaga's upcoming album, ARTPOP? More importantly, did we miss anything? Leave your thoughts in the comments below.