August 29, 2012


Beanie Sigel Arrested for Guns & Drugs Two Weeks Before Reporting to Jail

Bobby Bank
Bobby Bank

Just two weeks before he was set to report to jail for a two-year sentence for failing to pay taxes, Beanie Sigel was arrested early this morning on gun and drug charges. Pennsylvania State Troopers pulled over Siegel’s car, which was being driven by a friend, for swerving and following another car too closely. A gun was found in the center counsel, and “numerous prescription bottles, several pills wrapped in plastic bags in a cigarette pack and a small amount of marijuana” were on Siegel’s friend. Siegel was allegedly in possession a bottle of codeine syrup and close to $5,000 in cash.

This not Siegel’s first arrest. In 2005, he served 10 months in jail for illegal possession of a firearm, and he was once tried and acquitted of charges of attempted murder.

Siegel’s latest album, The Time, was released yesterday.