August 30, 2012


Behind the Scenes: Ellie Goulding’s "Anything Could Happen" Video Shoot

Ellie Goulding gave Fuse a behind the scenes glance of her new video, "Anything Could Happen." The song, according to Goulding, is "about fate, and whether or not it exists. It’s a song that motivates you to get up and make the most of life." That theme carries over into the video, which revolves around a couple’s car crash near a Malibu beach.

"I find myself on a rock, with no idea how I’ve been there,” she tells us. “I’ve been in a car crash. I end up being a mermaid-type thing."

The video had a large production, which is something Goulding wanted. "I wanted to do a big video with big effects by the ocean," she tells us. “I wanted to do something really epic."

And with a bigger budget, Goulding was able to have some fun. "Because I’m weird I like having fake blood on me," she tells us.