August 2, 2012


News Notes: Beyonce Documentary Coming to the Big Screen

Jason Merritt
Jason Merritt

Beyonce Behind The Scenes: Queen B is set to direct herself in an upcoming film about her life and career. The documentary will feature concert footage and interview segments from the "Run The World" singer. [Billboard]

Speaking of Documentaries...: The Rolling Stones are getting the HBO treatment. HBO President of Programming Michael Lombardo said the film will follow the Stones from "their early club days through their arrival as the greatest band in the world." [Rolling Stone]

Ed Sheeran and Pink Floyd Headed for Olympic Closing Ceremony: The up-and-coming singer-songwriter is set to duet with one of the biggest bands in the world. [NME]

Dev Suing Indie-Pop Music: The "In The Dark" singer claims the record company tried to take advantage of her by making her sign away more than 75 percent of her income. [THR]