August 8, 2012


7 Ridiculously Expensive Things Beyoncé & Jay-Z Can Easily Afford

Jeff Kravitz
Jeff Kravitz

Remember when you did your taxes earlier this year and were like, "What's even the point of anything/I thought I'd be rich by now?" And then you drank one and a half bottles of wine to try to forget about it? Yeah, Beyoncé and Jay-Z definitely didn't do that. The hip hop power couple have topped Forbes' list of Highest-Paid Celebrity Couples, raking in a whopping $78 million over the last year. (We must note, however, that Beyoncé brought in $40M and Jay, $38M. Who run the world? Duh.)

While you're determining when in your paycheck cycle to head to the nearest Coinstar, take a look at some of the most ridiculously expensive things Beyoncé and Jay-Z can easily afford. (Don't worry—there's enough wine to go around.)

1.) Katafanga Island, Fiji: Private Islands Online says this little Oceania gem is a cool $20 million. It currently houses 20 private villas, a runway (for the private jet, natch), a golf course and employee housing. The Hamptons are getting a little crowded these days.

2.) 52 Red Tibetan Mastiffs: Priced at $1.5M each, these big, furry guys hold the title of the most expensive dog in the world. The Carter family can own 52 of them if they want.

3.) Van Gogh's "Peasant Woman Against a Background of Wheat": This 1890 original from ol' boy Vince sells for a mere $67,900,000. Pshhh. Big whoop.

4.) 8 million $10 Starbucks gift cards: Why not buy the entire city of New York a couple cups of coffee? Make it a Dunkin Donuts gift card and we can probably squeeze an extra medium out of it.

5.) Partial ownership of the Brooklyn Nets: Oh wait, Jay-Z already has that

6.) Kim Kardashian's next 13 weddings: The reality star's wedding to basketball player Kris Humphries allegedly cost (someone) $6 million, so in case things continue down the marriage path with current boyfriend Kanye West, she should just have Bey and Jay foot the bill!

7.) The student loan debt of over 3,700 Americans: Asking for a friend.