August 30, 2012


Wait... Beyonce's Not Perfect?

Getty Images, 2
Getty Images, 2

We're guessing when you join the elite Roc Nation family, you're privy to some key pieces of information that outsiders are not privileged to. Rita Ora, Jay-Z's latest signee, is getting a whole bunch of advice about succeeding in the music industry, and one huge tip she's learned came from Mrs. Jay-Z herself, Beyonce

Speaking to the U.K.'s Metro, Rita spilled the beans on what Beyonce told the "How We Do" singer to do when she's performing: "[Beyonce] said if you forget the words, put the mic out so the crowd sings along with you." This is pretty genius, but the important part here is that Beyonce actually forgets the words sometimes. Everything I believe to be true is now meaningless. 

Check out Rita Ora's latest, "Radioactive," below, and learn the words so you can give the girl a break when you see her live. Also, enjoy that extra spring in your step today. It's confirmed: Beyonce's NOT perfect.