August 16, 2012


Big Boi & Kate Bush Collaboration Imminent?

Johnny Nunez
Johnny Nunez

UPDATE: Following his Olympics-inspired rant (see below), Big Boi spoke to Kate Bush on the phone Wednesday night, then tweeted "stay tuned." Is a collaboration imminent? We hope so.

Just Got off the Phone with Kate Bush !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
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Stay Tuned..... ooooowwww !
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Big Boi has long been obsessed with Kate Bush. This is not exactly news. But it appears the infatuation jumped to another level late last night after the OutKast member realized NBC deleted a dance performance set to Bush’s 1985 hit “Running Up That Hill” from their broadcast of the London Olympics closing ceremony.

At most recent count, Big Boi has tweeted nine times about the deleted montage since last night. Perhaps he’s right to be so persistent; the segment, which you can watch here, really was one of the best parts of last night’s WTF closing ceremony. 

#Dopeness JAM of the WEEK "Running Up That Hill (2012 Olympic Performance)" by Kate Bush
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So, whose side are you on: NBC’s or Big Boi’s?