August 27, 2012


Can Someone Get Vince Neil His "F--kin' Car!"

Mindy Small
Mindy Small

This is the best Mötley Crüe video since they took on ninjas in "Too Young to Fall in Love."

All Crue singer Vince Neil wanted to do was pick up his Rolls-Royce from valet parking in Los Angeles. But alas, even if you're the frontman of a revered metal band with a spotless driving record, you still need to show your ticket to get your ride back. 

In footage obtained from TMZ, Neil blows up on the valet, repeatedly screaming, "Give me my f--kin' car" and banging on the office window. When informed that they needed to see his ticket, Neil eloquently replied, "They didn't give me a f--kin' ticket!"

Sadly, the video cuts off right as Neil says, "How 'bout this? Let's go in the car and I'll show you..." What? His platinum Girls, Girls, Girls plaque? A Crüesing Through Canada T-shirt? Ladies from his Girls, Girls, Girls strip club vouching that it is, indeed, his car (the backseat, at least)?

Police were reportedly called to the scene but the valet company declined to file a report. And while that deposition would have been amazing, it's probably for the best that this spectacular footage just exists in a vacuum and we all just move on with our day.

Watch the video at TMZ.