August 19, 2012


Is Corey Taylor's Two-Year-Old Son Scared By His Slipknot Mask?

When Fuse spoke with Slipknot frontman Corey Taylor, we touched on a variety of topics—the metal band's Wear the Mask app, bringing freed Lamb of God singer Randy Blythe to Knotfest and how he doesn't remember performing two entire songs after passing out onstage. But on a less frightening note, we also spoke with Taylor about his son Griffin and the first time his two-year-old boy met the mask.

"Grif, the first time he saw the mask was on the Vol. 3 run and that [mask] was a little weird: It looked like I had a giant scab on my face [see 2:08 for proof]. And he was probably two or three and he was sort of looking at me, but then I said something and he immediately recognized my voice and just wanted to be in my arms," Taylor says, laughing. "So I have a picture of me in full gear, smiling at the camera and holding my son and all he's doing is just poking at the mask. It's endeared to me."

Taylor also explains how unlike most masks, his aren't used to hide anything—in fact, his Slipknot masks allow him to exorcise elements of his personality. "It's a side of me I've done my best to keep in check over the years but [the mask] allows me to let that go. It's not about hiding things; it's about revealing things and letting things off the leash that I need to so I can be myself."

He feels that catharsis is why some Slipknot fans are starting to bring their kids into the world of the Knot. "You let out all that inner demon stuff, but at the end of the day, be a better person. I think that's why these fans who have grown up with us are now bringing their kids to our shows," Taylor says. "This is about… letting go of all that sickness that could be sitting in your soul and just getting better."