August 14, 2012


Drunken 51-Year-Old Crocs Co-Founder Claims Taylor Swift Is His Girlfriend

John Shearer
John Shearer

So imagine this: You're a cop in Boulder, Colorado. After seeing a 51-year-old man passed out at the wheel of his Porsche with the engine running, you question the dude about WTF is going on. The dude, smelling like booze and clearly intoxicated, claims he and his "girlfriend" got into a fight. When you ask the dude who his girlfriend is, he replies a "really (expletive) famous" singer—he later reveals he's referring to Taylor Swift. When you bust the dude with a DUI, you find out he's the co-founder of Crocs.

The best part of the story: it really happened! According to the Denver Post, cops recently arrested George Boedecker in Colorado on suspicion of driving under the influence. George, being the co-founder of an internationally successful company that makes beautiful plastic shoes, was not okay with this. He went on a rant to police, telling them that his "girlfriend" Taylor Swift left after they started fighting, that she was actually "in Nashville" and that she is "bats**t crazy." (P.S. She's totally not his girlfriend. I don't think she's bats**t crazy either.) Boedecker also freely offered another nugget of information—he has "17 (expletive) homes"—while refusing to complete a field sobriety test, exclaiming, "I'm not doing your f***ing manuevers."

Boedecker is now free on $500 bail, but this isn't his only brush with the law. This arrest comes six years after a previous arrest when Boedecker was accused of calling his sister's ex-husband and threatening to "slit his throat." 

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