August 15, 2012


Devo to Release Song About Mitt Romney's Dog

Tim Mosenfelder
Tim Mosenfelder

In 1983, Republican presidential candidate Mitt Romney and his family took a road trip from Massachusetts to Ontario (approximately a 12-hour drive). Apparently there wasn't enough room in the Romney-mobile so the family strapped their dog, Seamus, to the roof of the car in a windsheild-equipped carrier. People found out about this and weren't exactly thrilled. The incident even has its own Wikipedia page.

A few of those people who weren't so thrilled? Devo. The '70s and '80s new wave band is paying homage to Seamus, who has since passed away, in their new song, "Don't Roof Rack Me, Bro! (Remember Seamus)." The single is set for release August 25.

If making a song about a presidential candidate's deceased dog isn't pro-animal enough for you, feel free to follow some of Devo founding member Jerry Casale's other pro-dog/anti-Romney movements: There's the Remember Seamus Campaign, which aims to make "non-humans the most important political fixture," Dogs Against Romney (self-explanatory) and an upcoming smartphone game, "The Crate Escape: Seamus Unleashed," a "fun game for mobile phones that lets Seamus get revenge against his arch enemy, Mitt Romney."

So, to clear things up, Devo's not voting Romney/Ryan in November then?