August 15, 2012


Drake, Lil Wayne, Foxy Brown, Cam'ron Join Nicki Minaj On Stage at NYC Show

Larry Busacca
Larry Busacca

It was a packed audience full of kids holding up their cell phones when Nicki Minaj took the stage at NYC's Roseland Ballroom Tuesday night for Pepsi Presents Nicki Minaj Pink Friday Tour: NYC. After canceling last minute at this year's Hot 97 Summer Jam, Nicki made sure the free make-up show pulled out all the stops. There were four outfit changes (and just as many wigs), about a million-billion hits and four enormous guests: Cam'ronFoxy Brown, Drake and Lil Wayne! (Check out our photo gallery from the evening to see all the action.) Meanwhile, Fuse helped Pepsi live stream the whole show. And broadcast it in Times Square.

Things were status quo for the majority of the concert—Nicki's pants were tighter than ever, she called out a bunch of "motherf***ers" in the back row for not having a good time and she even busted out some Beam Me Up Scotty mixtape classics alongside current hits "Beez In The Trap," "Starships" and "Pound The Alarm." She also gave a special shout-out to Hot 97 DJ Funkmaster Flex after that whole Summer Jam debacle when he claimed he was going to destroy her career: "You can't kill my career. You didn't give it to me."

But the real party started when Minaj brought out the OG bad b*tch, Foxy Brown. The crowd lost it (and rightfully so), and Nicki praised Brown as "the woman who's inspired her the most." Brown returned the favor calling Minaj her "sister," and then the two jumped on an "Oh Yeah" duet. (And that's when teenage me died.)

Up next was Drake, who didn't have time to drop off his red Solo (Yolo?) cup before he stormed the stage. His "Up All Night" duet with Nicki went off without a hitch, despite how many times Drizzy stuck his tongue out at the crowd. Drake explained to the audience why he decided to show up: "When I heard what was going on tonight, I had to get on a plane and support the queen, Nicki Minaj." That warm sentiment somehow inspired Nicki to launch into a "stay in school" speech: "Stop depending on motherf***ers!...Show me your bachelors and masters, get s**t done!" Yo, agreed.

Drake stuck around for a couple more songs until Lil Wayne sauntered his way onto the stage, dressed in pajama pants, looking like he took a wrong turn. But he wasn't sleepy! Weezy turned it out on a solo track before he and Drake slayed their performance of "The Motto." (My favorite part, if you were wondering.)

Minaj ended the show with a pumped-up rendition of "Superbass," Twitter basically exploded and we're betting the Pepsi execs' heartbeats are totally running away right now. (Read: Cha-ching.)