August 1, 2012


50 Cent Teaches You How to Sell Drugs in New Film

The trailer for How to Make Money Selling Drugs is a baffling thing indeed. It's a documentary, right? Is it satirical? Are there really drug people being this brazen and informative on camera? Regardless, 50 Cent, Eminem, rap mogul Russell Simmons and The Wire showrunner David Simon are talking heads in the film, as well as rapper Rick Ross's namesake Freeway Rick Ross (who claims to have made millions daily in the cocaine trade). And then the whole thing closes out with a gentle Ray LaMontagne tune, so that's interesting. Also: Entourage's Adrian Grenier is a producer!? His fictional role as the namesake Columbian drug lord in Pablo qualifies him for that? Huh.

The movie's playing at the Toronto International Film Festival—the same place as Snoop Dogg's conversion-to-Snoop-Lion doc—so maybe we'll know more after some actual humans have seen it.