August 9, 2012


EDM Madness! Eva Simons, Le Castle Vania & Showtek Talk Identity Fest

Identity Fest has been hitting cities across the country all summer, and we've been there bringing you all the inside info from the road

We recently spoke to Eva Simons, the only vocalist on Identity Fest's lineup, who's best known for her vocals on Afrojack's 2010 smash, "Take Over Control." Simons (and her amazing mohawk) opened up about playing for the ID Fest crowd, her upcoming debut album and working with on "This Is Love": "[] contacted me like, 'Yo, you wanna try something out?'" Eva continued, "'Are you serious?! Of course I want to try something out!... It's just weird, man. When things happen like that..." Check out the video with Eva above.

We also caught up with Atlanta-based DJ Le Castle Vania and Dutch EDM duo Showtek, and both artists agree when it comes to the difference between ID Fest and other electronic music festivals: "What's really cool about this experience is that it's bringing that electronic music festival experience to the people in cities that don't often get that," Le Castle Vania said. Everyone deserves EDM!

Check out more with Le Castle Vania and Showtek below, and see everything we've got on Identity Fest here.