August 13, 2012


Evanescence's Amy Lee Opens Up About Her Former Fashion Crimes

Amy Lee is best known as the frontwoman for Arkansas outfit Evanescence, but that doesn’t mean she was always a cool rock star. In this Intimate Interview with Fuse, Lee clues us in to some of her lesser known—and slightly more embarrassing—traits.

Just in time for Shark Week, Lee mentions her biggest fear is giant sharks. “I think I saw Jaws when I was too young,” she says. “I’d be in the pool and every shadow, I’d be like, ‘Ahh! There’s going to be sharks coming from the bottom of the pool!’”

She also shares her biggest fashion crime from middle school. “I remember my first day in sixth grade. I had my outfit laid out…wow, this is so bad. It was a long time ago. It was teal boots, a denim skirt and a denim shirt. Also, a floppy hat and a belt made out of bottle caps.” Wow indeed.

There’s much more in the video—including her dorkiest hobby and her post-tour cravings—so be sure to watch it above.